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  • David Sparks

3ds Max and Maya "Indie" versions

A friend recently reminded me that Autodesk's regular subscription models are getting difficult to afford if you're a hobbyist or basic freelancer not making a lot from using the software. I remember starting out on the Educational versions when I was a student nearly 3 decades ago and transitioning to the commercial versions once my little business started making some money. Now-a-days, the subscription cost is a bit hard to swallow. Not to mention the licensing model seems to change every year or 2.

A little note to those looking for a "cheap" version of the software targeted at those independent artists and hobbyists. Autodesk doesn't seem to advertise much that it has offered an "Indie" version of the software for several years now that allows you legal, commercial use of the software with just a few caveats. Read more here:

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