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  • David Sparks

Remove Custom Attribute from Imported Geometry

In 3ds max I was recently dealing with an imported FBX file that had originally been exported from Maya. I ran into some texture coordinate issues which had me tearing my hair out. Upon careful examination, I noticed that the Editable Poly object in Max had a "Custom Attribute" rollout being used for some UV Sets.

I had not seen this before in my work. Perhaps it's been there in other imported files in the recent past and I just didn't notice or it hadn't created any problems. Either way, getting rid of the attribute (along with a few other steps) fixed my problem. If you're looking for a way to remove a custom attribute from your geometry, try this little bit of MaxScript Code I found during my research. It actually appeared on one of the 3ds Max Autodesk forums. Rarely do I find good answers there anymore but this time I lucked out. The post can be found here. Thanks again to Uber user Swordslayer (Vojtech Cada) for this little snippet of code:

for i = custAttributes.count $ to 1 by -1 do custAttributes.delete $ i

I highly recommend you spend a little time at his blog/site here. Gobs of great stuff. His posts on many different forums have helped me a lot over the years.

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