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  • David Sparks

Dave's Editor Utility Blueprints (Blutilities) for Unreal Engine

I've been creating these as I needed for some projects. Thought about uploading them for sale on UE Marketplace but decided I'd make them available here. They are included in a little sample scene for testing. Once in the project, you'll find them in the content folder called "Blueprints":!AvcZU7fMMWrohEf-VCJMVO5FJNqO?e=fbDY88 (~70 MB .zip)

Note these won’t work in anything BEFORE 4.24. I have found them to be compatible with UE5. These are provided as is. Use at your own risk. I warrant nothing.

Bulk Texture Replacer

Bulk Asset Renamer

Bulk Material Instance Parameter adjustment (vector and scalar)

Bulk Material Assignment (Assets and Actors)

A help file is included (pdf) and you’ll need it for at least the Texture Replacer and the Renamer which have specific instructions. If you want to view the help documentation and see specifics about each utility you can check out the pdf here:

Download PDF • 485KB

If you need some basic help on using Editor Utility Blueprints, please consult the Unreal Engine documentation.

I know there are several other utilities out there from other artists that perform some similar functions and you might find those more to your liking. It's up to you of course. I hope these help you in your work.

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