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River Terrace Inn, Napa, California

This project was brought to DAS in 2003 early in the design process. With basic autocad drawings and reference material for the interiors and finsihes from the interior designer I created a sample guest room and the lobby. This was my first application of Radiosity for interiors. I eventually abandoned it for lighting the lobby public space but managed to get it to work OK for the guest room interior, by realism standards for the day. I was not asked to create an animation but I did crank out a little 320x240 walkthrough of the lobby. A year later as I was getting into realtime, I used the guest room, with its Radiosity baked interior lighting, as a test for an interactive interior space. I have included a download link for that .exe scene below. Download the .zip, extract the single .exe and double-click to play the scene. I warrant this file free from any malware or virus. It's just a simple interactive scene from 2005. Several years later I was in Napa and made a point of dropping by the finished hotel. I took some pictures to compare with the vision I had created for the spaces years earlier, long before construction had even started. I'm quite proud of just how close my vision was to the actual finsihed hotel. These moments of seeing real-world places come to life after envisioning them in my head are among the most satisfying experiences I have as a 3D artist. I suspect the same is true for most of the architects, engineers and designers I have worked with. Out of courtesy, below is a link to the hotel's web site. I have not stayed there.

Click HERE to download an early, real-time 3D scene of the River Terrace Inn guest room I modeled in 2004.

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