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Proposed transit oriented development in Lakewood Colorado.

Another visualization project through Winston Associates in Boulder, CO. This project was a demonstration of the type of transit oriented development (TOD) to expect in the city of Lakewood near the area around Colfax and Wadsworth Blvd. This was all "pie-in-the-sky" stuff at the time in 2003 long before RTD's "FasTracks" was approved by voters beginning the real process of designing light rail routes and stations. Part of the selling point for the project was to promote how stations and rail traffic bring positive TOD to each city connected by the system. This was a big 3D challenge for a small one man shop at the time. Lots of detail over a large area with many animated elements. There are 2 views in this video, one going toward the proposed station and one originating at the station heading north onto Colfax Street. I would do a different version of this area later in 2005 when the location of the station was closer to being finalized. A very different concept for the TOD in that visualization, but again, a concept only.

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