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Current work and some past projects of interest

Visualizations of a proposed custom home building process for a large scale developer.

DAS was hired to provide visualizations of a new process for quickly developing communities by mass-producing "custom" homes. Customers would be offered many design options but all parts of the home would be pre-fabricated, built in an assembly-line process and the completed home would be then carried by custom heavy lift vehicles to the nearby plot and placed there. There were several unique aspects to this process, mostly based around locally constructed distribution facilities and assembly "factories". Preliminary tests showed homes and entire communities could potentially be built much faster. The concept was new and the developer needed videos to explain the entire process. It was one of the largest projects DAS undertook with nearly 10 minutes of animation back in 2007. Now, in hind sight, the animations look a bit primitive, especially by todays standards, but back then, creating, animating and rendering such large spaces was a challenge for a small studio. Yet there is a unique pleasure in being the person with the master vision and responsiblity while also being the primary content creator.

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